This is a pretty old photo, but cool. I love the glowing background, but I wonder if I should have switched the pawns so that the colors would have been more mixed?

Taken with the Nikon.

Soccer game!

Here is a picture of my sister playing soccer. I like it because of the motion and predictive. I don't like it because I think the background is too distracting, and the whole photo my possibly be too dark. What do you think?

Taken with the Nikon.

Artsy converse

I thought today I'd do something kind of artsy/abstract (yeah, that super popular photography style you see all over Instagram). It's not my favorite style, but it's fun in small doses.

Taken with the Nikon DSLR.

Post soon!

Snake at the Zoo

I thought this was pretty cool! It reminds me of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, haha.
Taken with my Nikon DSLR (not sure of the exact type; I always forget numbers lol).
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Hi again!!!

Hello to all! I realize I haven't written in FOREVER...sorry about that. Not, of course, that ANYONE reads this, lol. I actually forgot I even had this blog. School and stuff...hopefully I can get on a role again!
Here is an "artsy" view of my ukulele - notice the cool background:) A little washed out, maybe, since I was right under a window. Taken with a (new and improved) iPhone.


Mr. Sam Gamgee, born on July 4, 2016!

It's summer!

Three cheers for summer, complete with shooting water guns at big sisters (Eowyn and Legolas), scattered camping trips (for Galadriel), baseball games (for Aragorn, Gimli, and Galadriel), visits to Chicago (me), and overdue mothers (Mom)!